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Shameless Plug…

My latest body of work in the studio, “All Dat Glitters Aint Goals” (Lyons Wier Gallery Sept6-Oct6 2012) inspired me to dust off my mic and drop a few hot bars on these fools. The experience was nothing short of DOPE!

I collaborated with one of Atlanta’s mightiest producers, the homie ILLASTRATE who outfitted me with some banging tracks that really made me step my game up. I went even furthered and made a few calls to some of my ATL hip hop heroes to also lend their talents to the project. The end result is a 5 track EP that features the likes of: Stic.Man (of the hip hop duo Dead Prez), Ekundayo, El Sun and Thunda (from the mighty L.I.U.N.S aka All Nice and Decent crew), Starchile‘s Massive the Victor and Divine Wiz, Methuzalah, Clan Destined, Boog Brown, MikeFlo, Joe D, and G.R.E.A.T. SCOTT.

Look, I can go on telling you about it… or just tell you where you can find it! Go to www.fahamupecouistheshit.bandcamp.com and get the free (yes I said FREE) download, which comes complete with a digital book that features the images from the exhibition and song lyrics.



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