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I have the SWEETEST pair of specs! Black with bamboo temples. And now they are in 2 or 3 pieces. Yeah, like a lame, I broke my glasses!

So after more than 25 years of wearing glasses, I decide it’s time for some contacts. After a swift eye exam and a brief tutorial on inserting and removing the contacts, I walked out of the optometrist for the first time with out a pair of glasses on my face, and I could see! It was cool…

Until I had to take them out. An ordeal that lasted more than three hours. In fact, at one point I got so desperate that I went on a 1:30 am adventure to find a drug store, grocery store… even a Wal-Mart, that sold some type of apparatus to help me get those shits out of my eyes. It was fruitless. Finally after watching several YOUTUBE videos, phoning a friend and praying to my lord and savior… I got them out.

The next morning, renewed, recharged, and determined, I attempted to put them back in. 2 hours later I was back at the eye doctor picking out a pair of frames. The contacts are still in the case where they will live out their existence… I’ll show them! BASTARDS!


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