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Jumping the Gun…


The internet is all ablaze with the news that filming for a Jimi Hendrix biopic starring Andre 3000 is currently underway in the UK. Already there is rumor of dramatics on set. Some say Hendrix’s estate, is denying that any such film will be made, stating their insistence in their refusal to license Hendrix’s original music to score any such film project. Additionally, some question whether or not Dre has the acting chops to pull off the role.

Filming began over the weekend and some “cell-phone” quality images have leaked to the media showing 3Stacks in a Jimi Hendrix, curly afro wing and red bell bottoms.

Roger Ebert gives the photos 2 thumbs up stating that Dre’s “curly fro had just the right amount of bounce-to-sheen ratio”.

Zack Heines for the New York Daily says “3 out of 5 stars“. Heines writes “I would have given it 5 stars, but all the pictures I’ve seen of Jimi Hendrix are in black and white, and [Andre] was clearly in color and high definition!”

Maggie Shepard of the Osh Kosh Bugle says “…I saw his chest. OMG! I saw his chest!”

At this rate, we won’t have to see the film when it comes out. Thanks to all of the speculating, paparazzi photos and over-saturated entertainment news outlets out there, we’ll have a high-quality bootleg dvd complete with cast and crew commentary before the script’s complete.



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  1. As far as the Hendrix estate is concerned, JimmY’s late father’s wife received Jimmie’s estate by inheritance. She is (or was) the only (Hendix) survivor. I hope she will have compassion and approve this movie. Jimmy Hendrix’s story should be told, as long as it’s accurate and true to life. I know Andre 3000 will do justice in portraying him. We shall see.

    May 29, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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