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O… That’s funny…

She’s gone from poor southern girl to determined journalist to actress to talk show host to media mogul to now… comedienne!

Not since Dave Chappelle’s “Oprah’s Pregnant skit” have we considered Oprah in such a comedic sense. But the iconic O recently showed her funny bone in a sketch with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that should not be missed.

The two bantered about the challenges of populating a television network with substantive content before Kimmel showed “behind the scenes footage” of his pitch-meeting with Oprah. With ideas like Oprah herself repossessing her popular giveaways affectionately known as “Oprah’s Favorite Things” or the riotous “Book Club Fight Club”, I think OWN would definitely attract the 19-30 year old male demographic with ease!

We may not see Oprah headline the next “Queens of Comedy Tour” but we may just find her chillin’ in a Juicy Couture, hot pink velour sweatsuit in the front row clowning it up with Shaq and Kevin Hart. #MAYBE?


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