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When I was a young lad, the hottest group around was a singing family with South Pacific ancestry known as the Jets. They were kind of like an exotic Jackson Five meets De’barge. In 1986 they released a song which was an instant pop music hit called “I Got A Crush On You”. It brings me back to a time of secret-admirer love letters and desires of hunchin’ girls during P.E. (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

But I digress… On February 25th, 2012, Atlanta’s Burnaway.org revives the spirit of the good old-fashioned crush. Burnaway, a non-profit online magazine  was founded by Jeremy Abernathy, Susannah Darrow, and Ben Grad. After launching in October 2008, the online magazine quickly gained a reputation for anything but the typical arts dialogue and engagements. Young and fresh in their approach, they feature weekly columns, reviews, interviews and podcasts aimed at broadening the disco use of local and contemporary art.

One of these innovative columns, Art Crush, features dreamy interviews with local artists and arts administrators who make the public swoon (I should know, having been an Art Crush feature in spring 2010).  Burnaway makes these crushes more tangible interactions on February 25th as they present their first annual Art Crush Auction to benefit Burnaway. Attendees are invited to bid on fun experiences with their favorite art crush which ranges from; a picnic and conversation on public art, a walk on role in an indie film, a cocktail party and art collection tour for you plus 10 friends and more!

Don’t miss what is sure to be a fun night full of sexy surprises and did I mention its all hosted by the dreamiest artist (BROmantically speaking) around… Craig Drennen!

It’s going to be a blast! Check out the site for full details and to purchase tickets… not now, but RIGHT NOW.

We now return you to our childhood fantasy flashback, already in progress…


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