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Short month, Long Legacy

Its BLACK HISTORY MONTH… our favorite time of year when we get to learn of all the great contributions made to society by any body other than pilgrims, American Revolutionaries and Ronald Reagan!

Yes, its true. Black people are responsible for just as much cool shit as anybody else, and if you keep your eyes, ears and calendars open this month you can learn all types of fun things! I know some people like to protest the fact that BHM lands in February, the shortest and arguably most misleading -spelling to pronuniciation- month in the year. But don’t get it twisted, its not some secret plot to undermine African American contributions to society. February was chosen by Carter G. Woodson because two of Black America’s heroes were both born in February- Frederick Douglass and the undisputed champ for black people’s rights…(ahem) Abraham Lincoln. Ok, Brother Woodson was stretching a bit on that last one, but hey that was like 400 years ago (or something).

Anyway, we take our Black History seriously at The 15 Project, because let’s be honest, as a black artist… there is a lot of work around this time of year. I ain’t tripping. After all February + income tax time is like an annual economic bailout for a brother who kinda went H.A.M. on some after Christmas sales (you’re welcome Capital One).

Anyway, there is lots of information you can fill your head with this month that’s sure to make you the center of attention at all the cocktail parties and Cultural Center soirees you’ll be invited to over the next 28 days. Plus, with this being a leap year, you get one whole extra day to do something EXTRA BLACK like; go to a baptist church, buy something from West End or Greenbriar Mall, eat at a Soul Food Restaurant or my personal favorite – watch the PBS rebroadcast of Roots!

But seriously though, whatever you do this month, remember that Black History is more than Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement. Black History is not just past, but also present and future. Ask the elders in your family to tell your THEIR stories. Fix something that you see is broken in your community. Do something selfless. But most of all move in excellence, you never know who’s watching!



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