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Temporary (Insanity) Tattoos

What happens when you consent to your 10-year-old getting a little ink (a.k.a. tattoo)? YOU GO TO JAIL (do not pass Go)!

That’s exactly what happened to Chuntera Napier of Atlanta when authorities were notified that her 4th grade son had a real tattoo. Napier admitted she  gave permission to and accompanied her son to a tattoo parlor where the young man was inked with a tribute to his recently deceased older brother. The brother was struck and killed by a teenaged driver at the age of 12 two years ago.

Napier says her son, who shares her grief, approached her and asked if  he could get a tattoo to memorialize his brother, as she had done shortly after her son’s death. Napier felt she could not refuse her son’s request. She also thought the tattoo was legal as long as there was parental consent.

Clearly consent was not the parental responsibility this mother should have called upon. Instead she should have used the opportunity to suggest some other ways her son could honor his brother, maybe one less… permanent! Getting a tattoo is not a decision a 10-year-old should be able to make, regardless of the circumstances.

Let’s say we start granting any 10-year-old’s requests in response to traumas. Say 10 year old Lisa’s cat runs away. Distraught, she tells her dad she heard getting high would help her forget about Buttons. Do you pass her the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side?

What if L’Quavius is heartbroken over the fact that the doctors could not revive grandma after her stroke. Angry and confused, he tells mom he wants to be a doctor so he can save lives. Do you pass him a scapel and face mask and put him in the ER?

Sure, I think its really sad, the family’s loss. But grief is not an excuse for being a bad parent! I’m just saying.


One response

  1. j

    soooo…did the tattoo parlor get in trouble as well? mmph, mmph, MMPH!

    January 19, 2012 at 3:54 pm

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