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Baaa Humbug

Is it wrong of me to be COMPLETELY OVER Christmas music at this point? I mean honestly, it was festive and nostalgic for the first 45 minutes. But by the 17th time I heard “What do the Lonely Do At Christmas” – in the same day mind you– I was ready kick Santa in the nuts!

Mainstream radio is already about as entertaining as a root canal, add in a 12 hr rotation of the same 16 Christmas songs I’ve been hearing for all 36 of my years and you have a recipe for madness. The annoying rotation of songs is compounded by the fact that by this point, the music has dominated airwaves since before Thanksgiving in some cases. And more, its become omnipresent. You can’t run from it. Sure, I can turn off my radio, but then its in the store when I’m shopping. In the elevators as i elevate. In the bathroom as I… you get the picture. Every year, Christmas fanaticism creeps up at least one week. At this rate, by 2020 Christmas season will start in mid-March.

Look, I’m no Scrooge, but let’s be honest, too much of a good thing starts leaning towards being a bad thing. I really do wish everyone peace, joy and happiness this time of year, but not at the expense of my sanity!


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