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Easy Cum, Easy Go…


You meet a stripper named ‘Sugah’. You fall in love. You move in together. You get ‘biz’ on the regular. After a couple years, the sugar’s not so sweet. You break up. Three months later she tells you she’s pregnant with your child. “WORD?!”, you say to yourself, “but we used birth control!” Your child ends up being twins! A paternal test proves they’re yours and you invite your nuclear family back into your home and provide support. One day you come across a receipt from a sperm bank for “cryopreservation of a sperm sample” (you’ve never made a deposit). A little research yields the fact that your “wife” had come into the clinic with your semen and said clinic performed IVF with it.

Wait. What?!

Exactly. This is a true story that’s all of as crazy as it sounds. When Joe Pressil found out about his ex being artificially inseminated with his semen and without his consent, he nutted up. However, after expelling his ex and children from his home and wallet, she successfully sued him for child support. The case, now in litigation sees Pressil fighting both his ex and the fertility clinic who not only performed the procedure- but also saved some of his semen in their storage. ALL WITHOUT his consent OR knowledge.

Ohhh cum on!


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