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Back in the day, I was known far and wide for chewing up mc’s and spitting them out. Armed with an ample vocabulary, a vivid imagination and a snarky, sarcastic sense of humor, I was no match for most round-the-way rappers. I often reflect victoriously on my untarnished reputation as a freestyle mc, thinking back with pride and curiosity as to the fates of the yokels who’s lives I shattered. I retired undefeated because frankly, with no one to rival my skills- I grew bored.

Consider today’s post as my official “coming out of retirement”. You heard me! I’ve finally met my match! You may have heard of this cat called Chocolate Drop. Word is, he’s been slaying rappers from coast to coast. I figured I had to see who this was and further, if he was better than me in my heyday. Hey,  I’ll give him his props, SON is on FIYAH! His ability to string words together and completely humiliate competition is unfathomable. He is all at once combatant & comedian… professor and predator. I respect his skills.

But on my word fam, I’m shutting duke DOWN!  You can make cats like T-Pain look simple, sure, but I’m on a whole other level. I live and breathe to devour rappers like Chocolate Drop. So consider the gauntlet – dropped… the juice – loose… the game – on. You don’t wanna bring that weak shit over here Chocolate Drop. I keeps it scratchy. Wool Socks!

Call Don King, Eminem, Terrance J or somebody. Let ’em know there’s about to be a rap battle royale starring me and a has been named Chocolate Drop! I’m gunning for you son!!!!

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