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Word is BOND?

Jesse Dimmick was shot in Topeka, Kansas in 2009 as police rushed in to apprehend him. At the time, Dimmick was running from police as he was sought for questioning in the murder of another man. In his attempt to get away, Dimmick broke in to Jared and Lindsay Rowley’s Topeka-area home and held them hostage for hours. During this time, Dimmick explained to the Rowley’s that he feared for his life at the hands of police and in exchange for their protecting him, he would pay them an undisclosed amount of money. The Rowley’s agreed. They fed Dimmick, entertained him and watched movies with him until he fell asleep. Then they did the obvious move… escape and alert the police.

Ultimately tried and convicted convicted in May 2010 of four felonies, including two counts of kidnapping. He was sentenced to 10 years and 11 months on those charges.

Dimmick recently filed a breach of contract suit in Shawnee County District Court seeking $235k in damages from the Rowleys. He claims they had a verbal contract which was violated when they turned him in to police.

We hear often of convicted criminals studying law and defending themselves in courts, filing lawsuits and appealing charges. But I think the trick to being effective as such is to first of all, not be an idiot. SMH


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