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HELL to the Chief

Bro President can’t seem to catch a break. Whether Tea-partiers are toting guns to Presidential appearances, being booed by members of Congress during Presidential addresses or being referred to as “Hitler” on national television, Bro. Pres can’t get a break. I mean, I don’t think a public figure has been this disrespected since the days of Rodney Dangerfield.

Recently a van in Obama’s fleet was stolen from a hotel parking lot in Virginia. The vehicle which contained the Official Presidential seal as well as a few thousand dollars worth of media equipment (including Obama’s teleprompter and podium) was later recovered in the parking lot of a different hotel. No details were given as to what if anything was missing or damaged.

I’m personally compelled to say WHAT THE FU(ss)?!!! Who are the President’s security people? It seems that the President’s entire term has been littered with security breaches and too-close-for-comfort and potentially deadly mishaps. The likes we would have NEVER seen during previous administrations. I mean the closest W came to a security breach was at the hands of a single peanut which almost choked him to death.

I know Obama and Michelle read this blog religiously so let me make a suggestion… There are plenty of able-bodied out-of-work mall cops who would take the charge of protecting the POTUS to new levels of scrutinizing security. Or better yet, take cues from hip hop artists who travel with an entourage of “homies from the hood” who are there to hold jewelry, wallets, cell phones etc. Sure, they could find better use of their time. But I guarantee, if something were to pop off, your homies would be quick to raise up and instigate the hell out of a beef. Hey it works for Lil Wayne! I’m just saying…


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