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…AND plus his dancin’!

So like for real, not since Willie Tyler and Lester has a puppet exhibited so much soul (yes, you read correctly… I started this post out talking about Willie Tyler & Lester). But let’s be real there haven’t been too man puppets of the brown persuasion to make it to the big time. So I didn’t really have much else to compare it to. Yes, I am aware that Willie Tyler and Lester are about as cool to bring up in casual conversation as genital warts but give me some slack- I don’t have a lot of material to work with!

Anyhow, apparently there is a great tradition of dancing puppets in Central and South Africa featuring puppeteers who work magic with puppets that do a variety of acrobatic dance moves to popular and traditional African music. It’s really dope to watch.

For serious though, aside from being some damn good puppet work- its some pretty hellafied dancing. I want lessons… and I’m not talking puppetry!


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