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“Pretty” much covers it…

Self D’Struk Records recording artists, The Soggy Bottom Boys have been hard at work recording their debut album. Catapulted by the success of their debut single, “Let’em Drag”, the group’s members, Lil Travesty, HOPELESS and Yung Downfall have amassed a large amount of eager fans who are dying to hear the project.

A leak of one of the sure shot radio hits from the album hit the streets earlier today prompting fans to launch into a letter writing campaign requesting a video immediately. The track, one of the solo standouts on the album, features TSBB’s Lil Tavesty in one of the prettiest flows you can get in contemporary rap music. Not one to disappoint his fans, Lil Trav went a step further and shot, directed and edited the video himself for “Pretty”. When asked about the track, he simply states ” Ay my n***a, I’m jus pretty like dat. All my life I been pretty much pretty… Who me? Nah. I don’t have no girlfriend folk. I aint worryin’ ’bout no hoes tryna get my money. See I don’t really e’en f*** with deez hoes like dat, cuz I’m real particular. She got to be prettier than me, and I just don’t see that happening. So I just kick it with my n****s.”

Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen… yet another, The 15 Project WORLD PREMIERE!!!


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