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Time Capsule Day 3: I Can’t Hear YOU!

In honor of Friday’s “Something Like a FAHAMENON 90′s Jam: HOUSE PARTY EDITION” I’m dedicating this week to all things 90′s!

The 90’s party scene was the stuff of legend. It seemed any and every occurrence was a reason to throw a party ( or maybe we just wanted some more of that grind action). The 90’s gave rise to the “hype man” as well as the “party anthem”! It seemed that every other month a new anthem hit the streets and we all jammed along to it. Naughty by Nature was single-handedly responsible for 2 of the bigger anthems; 91’s “O.P.P.” and 93’s “Hip Hop Hooray”. Black Sheep held down 92 with “This or That”, CL Smooth blew us all aways with “T.R.O.Y.”, while Gang Starr with Nice & Smooth banged us with “DWYCK”. The list goes on and on.
Further elevating the excitement and intensity of the scene was the hype man! Part of what made the dances and party etiquette accessible was the voice on the mic instructing party-goers with chants, taunts, etc. The hype man was called all the plays…  “All the chicken heads be quiet… Single ladies MAKE NOISE” or “You got a 20 doll bill throw your hand up…” (in Brooklyn those with their hands up got robbed)… or “Party over here…” or my personal favorite “AAAAAAAAAAAA YOOOOO AIIIIIIGHT!” At house parties or other festive occasions where there was no designated hype man, your friends would cheer you on as you broke out the Roger Rabbit in the middle of the dance floor shouting; “Go-go-go-go-go-go-go…” the more they cheered, the harder you went.
I’m convinced that the art of the party was perfected in the 90’s. And I’m looking forward to being your HYPE MAN at the Something Like a FAHAMENON 90’s Jam THIS FRIDAY September 16th!!! Benefitting Fahamu Pecou’s Rising Sons Lounge, a project with the City of Atlanta’s “Elevate: Art Above Underground”  program.

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