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Time Capsule Day 2: Get Up on This…

In honor of Friday’s “Something Like a FAHAMENON 90′s Jam: HOUSE PARTY EDITION” I’m dedicating this week to all things 90′s!

Today’s post is dedicated to one of the best things to come out of the 90’s: GRINDIN’!

That’s right, I’ve postulated the art of grindin’ was successfully actualized in the 90’s and I’m ready to defend this theory, complete with references and and citations to support my claim.

Prior to what we now know as grindin’, grinding actually occurred in more primitive forms for several generations. You had the bump, the slow wine, the slow grind, the wind-up etc. But these previous iterations were all done more slowly and more cautiously. Typically this type of grinding indicated a form of commitment to one’s partner as the intimacy of the act was reserved for a specially chosen individual.

A major shift in grinding occurred around 1987 with E.U.’s classic, “Da Butt”. All at once, dance floors erupted with casual couplings of male groins to female backsides. For once, the intimate contact was indiscriminate. As “Da Butt” played, the nearest female ass was immediately drawn to the closest male on the dance floor. When the song ended, the two parties parted ways, but the damage had been done.

As we entered the 90’s this type of casual conjoining became more and more accepted as parties erupted into high energy, rapid moving, hormone induced frenzies… Soon it was common to find males and females joined at the hip for extended periods of time, grinding one another into a form of ecstasy. Grindin’ became further enhanced with the advent of booty music and Miami Bass… then further still by dancehall and other island based music which brought in additional acrobatics to the grind-fest. Throughout the 90’s events like Freaknik and Black Biker Weekend as well as a slew of other college related spring break events help to socialize grindin’ so much so that it is now the default dance across generations and ethnicities. (Thanks Freaknik!)

Get your GRIND ON this Friday at the SOMETHING LIKE A FAHAMENON 90’s JAM! Benefitting The Rising Sons Lounge, a project with the City of Atlanta’s “Elevate: Art Above Underground” program.


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