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Time Capsule Day 1

In honor of Friday’s “Something Like a FAHAMENON 90’s Jam: HOUSE PARTY EDITION” I’m dedicating this week to all things 90’s!
As you press your Girbaud Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger shirt, I thought I’d used today to pay special homage to the resurgence of 90’s hairstyles for men. Real talk, when I decided to get a Gumby back in 2007, everyone around me tried to talk me out of it. But I didn’t listen. Sure enough, when it was said and done I got compliments and nods from everyone. Women said it was cute. The Fellas dapped me up and commended me on the throw-back style. Even to this day, I’m guaranteed at least 7 compliments (and 23 stares) when I walk out of my barber shop.

High Top Fade, Gumby, Steps...

Now some 3 years later, I am seeing 90’s era throw back haircuts on everyone from celebrities to the high school kids. I look on with pride, knowing that I alone inspired a generation to bring back; the High Top Fade, the Gumby, the Slope, the Ronald Reagan, the Box, the High right-Low left,  the High Left-Low right The Flattop, the Pee-Wee, the Rattail.. ahhh the list goes on.
I’m looking forward to partying with each and everyone of you THIS FRIDAY September 16 at Something Like a Fahamenon 90’s Jam (House Party Edition). Purchasing advance tickets is strongly suggested!

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