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(Image courtesy of TheLede.blogs.nytimes.com)

Usually when you hear “athlete” and “record” together, your mind takes you to something of the criminal persuasion. But no, today, I’d like to talk athletes and musical records. See, I bet ya’ll thought cats like Deion Sanders, Allen Iverson, Shaq-Fu or the 85 Chicago Bears team invented the “cross-over”. My latest discovery puts an end to your mythology and sheds light on one of the originators of taking it from the field to the booth.

Sadly this song and video also proves (among other things) that anything is possible (even when you wished it wasn’t). This “telling” video says a lot about running great, Carl Lewis… what it doesn’t say -which is probably the question you will most want an answer to- is “WHY?”

I’m making one of these faces again 😐


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