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Dope Floats

Not since the adventures of  “Cheech and Chong” has the transporting of marijauna been so comically ill-timed. Or maybe that’s what the 3 Mexican drug smugglers were watching as unbeknownst to them, their boat sprung a leak.

Mexican marines report responding to a distress call off the port of Ensenada in the Pacific Ocean. Upon arrival they saw 3 men attempting to rescue their sinking vessel by removing water as it flooded the hull. What really caught their eye however were the several bales of marijuana seen floating about around the doomed dingy- totaling more than 260 pounds.

The men had been stranded at sea for more than a day before calling for help. Apparently in a last ditch effort to disguise their guilt, they thought it a good idea to throw the weed overboard, thinking that the bales, heavy-in-hand would sink. You would think weed smugglers. especially those who smuggle by sea, would have a better idea about buoyancy- or at least simple scientific principles like density. Oh well, so much for the Mexican school system.

DOH! I mean “El DOH!”


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