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The next time you see  The 15 Project co-host Occasional Superstar, say the words “Black Dynamite” and watch his face light up. Rumor has it that he is crocheting his own Black Dynamite inspired bed sheets and growing an afro and pork chop sideburns and he’s asked his moms for permission to legally change the family’s last name to “Dynamite”. Depending on how much he’s been drinking, he may even give you a school-girl giggle just before he passes out from excitement.

At his urging, I checked out the new animated series, Black Dynamite. It’s based on characters from the Black Dynamite live-action movie, co-written & starring Michael Jai-White (Spawn, Mortal Kombat: Legacy), as well the Black Dynamite: Slave Islandgraphic novel, the Black Dynamite story continues with the new animated series from Adult Swim. In a word… its FUNNY as a M#$F*&@!!! A brilliantly articulated, intelligently subversive, charmingly derisive execution of blaxploitation era satire. If you’ve seen the film Black Dynamite, you’ll be a little better prepared… if not try to avoid consuming any beverages while watching the antics of characters like That Frog Kurtis, A pimp named Cream Corn and much more.

Check out the pilot episode here… The show is sure to be a hit. I’m crazy excited about it myself… *GIGGLING GIRLISHLY* I haven’t been this excited since Flynt Flossy’s instructional dance video!


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