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When Stars Collide

My lady has a theory. When two greats connect, the resulting product is… let’s just say, less than great. I, like you wanted to believe in the magic and wonder of a Jay-Z x Kanye West collaboration. But I’m becoming more and more skeptical. I’ve heard the lead single “Otis” and upon an initial listen, I liked it. It had all the makings of a Kanye classic track. It had energy and it was a refreshing respite from the “All Lil Wayne 24 hr radio stations” (no diss to Wayne, but can you let somebody else get a turn to rap). The next time I heard it, it wasn’t as fresh as I initially thought. Then I saw the video and I began to question my choices in life. You know, stuff like why did I keep looking at the television screen?  Or why did I wake up that morning?

The reviews I’ve read have also been mixed. They don’t sound like the musings of critics who are particularly moved by the album, as much as they were hopeful of its potential. A particularly hilarious track-for-track review written by “Ghostface” seems to be the most reliable. Alas, I am a bit gun-shy about buying the album. I want to support–for real. I don’t want to be known as one of those dudes that just complains about how rap music is all shitty, but when something good, different, innovating, challenging or simply creatively distinct comes along, I do nothing. So tell me friends, what do you think I should do? Is it a yay or nay? Cuz frankly I had a vision of it and it’s not pretty…


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