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The “Brojan” Horse


Many suspect that America’s shining knight may have been a double agent after all. In the manner of Sentinel Prime, President Barack Obama appeared to bring new hope to a nation on a 90° incline slide into a fiery hell, while wearing a pair of gasoline soaked, American flag print, bikini briefs. His ideals and charms made us all starry-eyed and optimistic. We cringed a bit at his insistence on bi-partisan politics (particularly after the previous 8 years, where  a long, aged and knuckly Republican middle finger stayed lodged in the majority of Americans’ assholes) but we believed him, that vengence would solve nothing.

Imagine our shock however when Mr. Prez began doing the opposite of what he assured us he would NOT do; cuts to social programs that benefit less-fortunate sects of the population, tax breaks to the wealthiest demographics,Etc. Little by little, his bi-partisan tilt  seems to lean more and more towards what appears to be a text book conservative agenda. So much so, that some pundits are suggesting Obama may in fact be a sleeper Republican!

But one small fact seems to be overlooked in all of this. The conservative right is so adamant and rage-blinded by their disdain for Obama’s administration that they almost always vote against or present polar opposition to Obama-led initiatives.

I think it may be, for all intents and purposes, an extremely brilliant move on behalf of the Black House to trip the right up into doing the exact things they are fighting against. Kind of like when Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck trick Elmer Fudd into shooting himself in the face.

Through the in-fighting, ridiculous caricatures, insidious ideaologies, desperate and clumsy attempts to discredit the current administration and lack of a clear and sensible agenda… it may take a lot more than the smoke from the double-barrel shotgun blast to clear before Republicans realize what’s happened. But by then, we should be living well in a globally-sensitive, socially-responsible, culturally-rich country where the dream is no longer “Liberty and justice for all”, the reality is!

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