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Look! In the sky… its InsecureMan!!!!

Okay, I must admit, my new affair with Hulu Is getting pretty hot and heavy. Due in large part to my nothing short of obsessive addiction to a British action/drama called Misfits.

The show is like a cross between “Heroes” and “True Blood”. There area no vampires, Mystic elves or orgy-inducing demons… but there is plenty of cliff-hanging action and mouth-watering mystique!

I stumbled upon the show by accident but I eagerly await my weekly email from Hulu informing me of the latest episode release.

The show is thoughful and presents what I think is a unique take on superhuman abilities. Imagine if you would, your personal idiosyncracies and personality quirks magnified yet beyond your ability to control. Imagine still a world in which thousands of others like you, realize they too have these ungainly powers, yet the suddeness and quirkiness of it all makes everyone all the more insecure and secretive.

All in all, Misfits is a great show, well-written and thoughtful. I look forward to more and to hearing your take on it.

To watch Misfits… log on to Hulu.com and type in “Misfits” in the search bar.


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