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A couple years ago my homie SASKWATCH and I returned to the office from lunch. Knowing my love for both house music and South Africa, he insisted I take a listen to a track produced by a South African dj by the name of Culoe de Song. For the next 8 minutes my life flashed before my eyes. Stars exploded . I saw pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers. A unicorn pranced in front of us and mermaids performed exotic dances in our presence. My eyesight improved and my acne cleared up…

This shit was AMAZING!!!! I became an instant fan and  Culoe Evangelist, spreading the gospel of his music and sound to anyone who would listen. Soon after I also discovered his cohorts like Black Coffee and vocalist Thandiswa Mazwai. I’m a house music fiend. And this new South African sound was out of this world, and since that time has gone on to dominate dance floors allover the world.

To my delight, last spring Atlantan- by way of London- DJ Stan Zeff brought Black Coffee to Atlanta for Zeff’s Tambor Party. I could not wait to get to that party and sang it’s praises all over the city. The night of the party – due to circumstances beyond my control- I was unable to attend. Shattered and broken, I’ve lamented the experience ever since. Until I saw that Zeff is now bringing Culoe de Song  to Atlanta this Saturday July 16. Guess who WON’T miss this one!!!

Click here to get the details on Tambor and bring your dancing shoes… this shit’s going to be CRAZY!!!!


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