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…Mama name him “Clay” I’ma call him…

The following exchange happens more frequently than I really care to admit.

“Hi. What’s your name?”

“Fahamu. Fahamu Pecou”

“That ain’t yo real name? Whatcho mama name you?”

Actually, she named me Fahamu. Fahamu Pecou. I admit, it took a while to grow into. As a child I grew up around a bevy of Johns, Deons, Leroys, Jims etc… Even surnames like; Smith, Johnson, Jones, Davis… I had the most exotic name by far and for a time, I wanted to change mine to something “normal”.

It seems nowadays the trend in sports is to change one’s name to something completely, well, ridiculous. Abnormal is the name of the game. Case in point Chad Johnson who wears the number 85 on his jersey as a football player for the Cincinnati Bengals had his last name legally changed to Ochocinco (which actually means 8-5/ochentaycinco is 85). A year later he announced he would be changing it to Hachi Go (Japanese for 8-5) fortunately for all of us that didnt happen.

Recently Ron Artest of the LA Lakers  (whose no stranger to “changing things up”) petitioned to have his name legally changed to uhhh… Metta World Peace. Seriously. I really wish you could see my face right now. It looks kind of like this 😐

Evidently Artest… I mean Peace, I mean Ron… I mean Metta… wants the back of his jersey to read “Peace”.  Personally, I think there should be some law against filing a petition for a name change while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Anyhow… I got over my exotic name by the time I was 8 and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. It kind of fits me. But who knows, a few million dollars might work a screw loose somewhere for me as well and I’ll have my name changed to “Lovepeace N. Hairgrease” or better yet, to comment on my new found riches “Fahamu UnoMil” (that’s Spanish for 1 million right?).

2 responses

  1. Thank god some bloggers can write. Thanks for this post!!

    November 14, 2011 at 4:21 am

  2. All around incredibly written post!!!

    December 3, 2011 at 11:42 pm

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