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For all you artists out there, ARTADIA: The Fund for Art and Dialogue has returned to Atlanta and is currently accepting applications for its second round of grants for Atlanta-based artists.

In 2009, Artadia launched its unique program providing unrestricted grants to artists in ATL. Focusing on what is deemed “secondary art markets” Artadia champions the wealth of talent coming out of cities that AREN’T New York or L.A.  Atlanta awardees included; Tristan Al-Haddad , Don Cooper, Ruth DusseaultJerry Siegel, Larry Walker, Angela West  and yours truly!

Since that time, Artadia has moved around the country presenting its generous and thoughtful program to cities like Boston, Houston, Chicago and The Bay Area. Additionally, to further its program and mission, they produced an accompanying volume “5 Cities, 41 Artists” edited by esteemed curator of international renown, Franklin Sirmans and featuring essays by some of the top curators and art voices in each of its noted cities as well as beautifully reproduced images of work by each of the 41 artists acknowledged by Artadia.

Artadia proves time and time again to be a valuable resource and champion for artists and their work. I strongly encourage all to apply! Applications are being accepted online at Artadia.org now through Sept 15, 2011.


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