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Don’t Stop Til You get Enough

We’re approaching the 2 year anniversary of the shocking and tragic demise of our reigning King of POP… the one and only Michael Jackson. I still remember the day… June 25, 2009… My birthday. I was driving home from work preparing to go out with friends that evening to celebrate. I received a call from my homegirl in New York telling me Michael Jackson had died.

“Stop playing” I said, “That’s not even funny.”

“No, I’m serious. Its all over the news. I wouldn’t joke about that”, she retorted.

I made my way home and turned on the television to find that what she was saying was, in fact happening before my eyes. I watched like millions of others the conflicting stories… some stations declared him deceased, while others maintained he was in a coma and barely hanging on to life. After his death was officially declared, I spent the rest of the evening with my friends planning a Michael Jackson Memorial tribute. The party, named FOREVER featured many of Atlanta’s top DJ’s spinning MJ classics, rare grooves and remixes while me and my homie Fabian “Occasional Superstar” Williams painted tributes to Michael Jackson live on stage. The event was the first of many Michael Jackson tributes in the city, which have now become an annual tradition all over the world.

I’ve scoured the internet to find you a new and hot MJ soundtrack to bump this year in honor of Michael Jackson. Mixed by DJ J Period and hosted by Spike Lee, this comprehensive collection of Jackson’s discography even features demo versions of his hit songs, exclusive interviews and sound bites and more!

(About this mixtape)

J.Period & Spike Lee “Man or the Music”

The mixtape world’s master storyteller, J.Period, joins Spike Lee & 40Acres.com to pay tribute to Michael Jackson with this Limited Edition mixtape, available exclusively at the 2nd Annual “Brooklyn Loves MJ” event this Sunday, August 29, 2010, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Mixing Michael’s classic hits with rare demo versions, remixes, and behind-the-scenes interview clips, J.Period weaves together an 80-minute musical documentary that pays tribute to The King of Pop’s staggering catalog of songs, and reminds us why—no matter what you think of the man—Michael’s true legacy will always be his music.”

 Download Here. ENJOY!!!

Be sure to check out our annual YO! Karaoke Michael Jackson Tribute… Friday June 24, 2011.. At Pal’s Lounge 254 Auburn Ave ATLANTA.
Michael Jackson attire WELCOME!


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