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T15P Green Room Confessions Ep. 12

The Green Room at The 15 Project is the stuff of legend. Most people don’t believe me when I try to tell them of all the debauchery and shenanigans that take place back stage. My man Pudd’n Brathwaite convinced me to record stories from the people and personalities who have experienced the Green Room first hand and put it out for the world to see. I was a little hesitant about it at first, but my lawyers assure me that I am completely without liability to anything that happens (thanks to the waiver my guests and staff have to sign). But I tell them as The World’s Most Interesting Man once told me, “If you have to sign a waiver for it, it’s probably worth doing.”

Many have tried to pierce the iron clad security of The 15 Project Green Room with aims of capturing exactly what goes on. But all have failed. Even those who have successfully snuck in a camera or recording device eventually give in to the power of the tea and the tapes never see the light of day. The T15P Green room is the original source of that line… What happens in the Green room, STAYS in the Green room. Believe that.

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