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Gil Scott-HeronI’d be remissed if I didn’t take a moment to make mention of an artist whose work has greatly influenced my own. Last Friday night I learned of the passing of Gil Scott-Heron and though I was saddened, I found peace in knowing that throughout his life- even in failing health- he continued to create a legacy of work that will inspire for generations to come.

Scott-Heron, noted poet and musician, has been a part of my life since before I was born. My parents and their friends were all fans of his music. Songs like “The Bottle” and “Winter in America” are a part of my personal history, like the genes that shaped me into the artist I am.

Scott-Heron was laid to rest in New York yesterday. According to his daughter, the memorial was fitting and poignant. It included words from The Last Poets and even a performance by Kanye West. I’ll leave you today with two videos from Gil Scott-Heron. The first, “The Offering”, my favorite piece by Scott-Heron and a powerful praise to our collective ancestors. I often start my day with this joint. The second is a piece I just happened across. A short comedic piece from Scott-Heron that displays a more playful side of the often tormented artist (Scott-Heron struggled for years with serious drug and alcohol addictions).

Today’s post is dedicated tot he memory of Gil Scott-Heron and to the legacy he leaves to us. Rest in power. Asé.


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