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And I cried… I cri-i-i-i-ieed… oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with my son. My girl, NETFLIX was over and she suggested we watch the 3rd part of the Toy Story trilogy. I was a bit reluctant at first. I mean, honestly, I hadn’t heard much about it, so I figured it must have been pretty wack (you know, some people can beat a story into the ground with pointless sequels).

I quickly discovered how wrong I was in my assumption. The movie was actually quite good. The story picks up on Woody, Buzz and the gang, some years after we last saw them as their kid Andy prepares to leave for college. Andy is left with a tough decision, to store his toys away in the attic or give them away to a local day care center. Torn, he ultimately decides to tuck them away- but in a tragic turn, the toys get mistaken for trash and put out on the curb. The adventure ensues when the toys escape near destruction and stow away in another package that is daycare-bound. Initially they think they’ve landed in toy-heaven, but a strawberry-scented teddy bear named Lotso-Hugs turns out to be  the ‘lotso evil’ warden of a toy prison, complete with thugs and hi-tech security. After an elaborately planned escape, the toys still end up in an epic struggle to survive.

It’s an emotional roller coaster throughout. Filled with clever characterizations, scenarios, drama, comedy and more. In the last sequence of the film, something strange washed over me – a sensation I never experienced before. Noticing that something was amiss, my 2-year-old son turned to me  and said, “Daddy, why you crying?”.

“Look away son! LOOK AWAY!!!”

Needless to say, Toy Story 3 is a superb piece. I would give it 15 STARS, but I have to take away two cuz it made me cry. Hmmmmph!


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