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Video Ho!

Fahamu after a workout

I’m up early everyday. I do a few dozen pull-ups. Drop and do a hundred push-ups or so. Eat a little breakfast and then do the routine all over again. You’d think I was training for some strenuous event like a decathalon or an arm-wrestling competition. No, my motives lie elsewhere. Ever since the emergence of such noteworthy celebrities like Buffie the Body, Rosa Acosta and Melyssa Ford amongst others, I fantasized… (mind out of the gutter). You see, my fantasy was to break into the industry and dominate the game as the first male video ho-fessional! I’m thinking equal opportunity here. There are many female r&b and pop performers who’s videos lack a supremely cut, boxer-brief wearing, greased up black guy such as myself, gyrating around in the background. And you all know my motto- ‘Why wait for someone else?’

So after many months at my workout game… I finally got the call.

Slick & Rose

Slick & Rose, ATL’s own poppin’ fresh duo is a new wave and R&B duo that formed in 2000. With music as diverse as each member’s upbringing – Nikki “Slick” Ervin hails from the coastal city of Mobile, AL, while Sabrina “Rose” Harvey was raised in the concrete jungle of New York City – Slick & Rose have garnered national & international acclaim since they first burst onto the music scene. Their seamless blending of Pop, Rock, New Wave, Reggae, Jazz, and Soul rooted in Hip-Hop has already established these groundbreaking ladies as innovators amongst their contemporaries. To date, they’ve performed with or opened forsome of the most talented and respected musicians in the music industry today, including CommonKindred The Family SoulPhife DawgAngie StoneSugarlandVivian GreenScratchJoiSlum VillageDead PrezJohn Legend and Kanye West.

One morning, in the middle of a set of cruches, I got a call from one, Sabrina “Rose” Harvey, asking me to be a feature in the video for their new single Breakdown. All of my hardwork was paying off. It was hard to hold back tears. After calming me down, Rose, through my sniffles and sobs, asked me once more to be a part of their project. This time I said yes.

So here it is family… A world premiere. Slick & Rose Breakdown, directed by The 06 Sense Foundation‘s Kahlil Gibran featuring Fahamu Pecou in his debut role as video ho-fessional.

(If you’re interested in booking me for your music video, please contact my agent Xavier Ploitier at X.Ploit@FleshForward.com)

Big ups to Slick & Rose. Their new full length album will be out soon. Make sure you plug in, follow them on Twitter @SlickRose and “Like” them on Facebook, where you can hear more music, get tour dates and more!

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  1. He’s a gigga high and he’s a gigga low… love this mane! thank you for accepting our invitation to flex and flaunt your p90 xcellence. In the event that you blow up and I have no doubt that you will…



    May 28, 2011 at 8:47 pm

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