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401K… of Love…

In a word, she was splendiforous. She had all the makings of a deep infactuation-inducing, teenage boy-drooling, bomb-shell heartbreaker. But it didn’t stop me from launching into an all out love note assault! She literally moved me to poetry. Odes, couplets, haikus, and sonnets, I employed all of my 10th grade literature learning in an effort to communicate my adoration. In stanza after stanza I professed my affection and desire to be her boyfriend. I bombarded her locker with notes laced with Drakkar Noir, oozing with my teenaged romanticisms. Wanting to keep it mysterious, toying with her expectations and driving her to be overcome with curiousity, I signed each note… ‘Your Scret Admirer’ (who am I kidding, I was afraid of being rejected). For weeks I kept at this game. Hoping she would use her powers of reason and deduction to discover her admirer and rush to me in a flurry of love and excitement.

On the last day of school before Christmas break,  in a courageous and brazen effort to embed myself deep into her impressionable heart, I feverishly sketched an image of the two of us in embrace, with a line that read ” 2Hearts + 2Gether= 4Ever”. Gingerly, I folded my elaborate drawing and placed it in a small box along with another of my poems and slow jam mix tape I recorded the night before during the “Quiet storm” on my local radio station (I took the time to pause the radio during commercials and talk to create a seamless music experience). I passed my gift to her best friend with instructions to deliver to my crush but not to say it was from me.

I left school that day expecting to hear from my love over the break. But I never did. When school was back in session, I learned that she had moved away. My heart was broken.

That is until today. When I came across an article earlier today about a Frida Kahlo miniature painting which is expected to net more than $1M at auction. The miniature painting, a token of love from Kahlo to one of her many admirers is the size of a locket. It is said to be one of Kahlo’s sexiest works. A similar Kahlo work fetched $1.1M last year this time, far surpassing the $100-150K pre-sale estimate.

So if anybody out there knows how to reach Jacinta Ladawn Robinson, who attended Hartsville High School and moved to Orlando, Florida in 1991, please send me her info. Being a famous artist as such, I’m sure that that drawing is worth a lil sum’n sum’n. I’d like to see about getting it back to see what it will fetch at auction these days (but please don’t let on that it’s valuable). I’ll mend my heartbreak with a bit of sneaker shopping. Thanks!


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