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The World’s Most Inebriated Man…

When Dos Equis launched its “World’s Most interesting Man” Campaign, I thought, now there’s a character to look up to. All at once, TWMIM is sensitive, macho, intelligent, stylish, compassionate, alert and spontaneous. His witicisms cover all facets of life and culture and provides an alluring example of what life could be. One thing’s for sure however, TWMIM may always drink Dos Equis, but he doesnt always drink – unlike some people.

I recently  got reacquainted with these hilarious outtakes from an Orson Welles Paul Masson Wine commercial in the 70’s. Apparently Welles, famed actor and filmmaker, didn’t get the memo to “spit between takes”. You see, we seasoned Hollywood types know that when filming commercials or scenes from movies, you never actually drink the liquor or eat the food. When the director yells cut, you spit it out… This way you don’t end up and blubbering drunk after the 7th take. But poor Orson Welles really enjoyed his Paul Masson’s wines.

Stay SOBER my friends.


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