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Gimme a beat…

In celebration of Hip Hop Appreciation Week, I figured I’d go on a personal sojourn of sorts to share my hip hop experience with my fellow T15P fans and followers.  Many people don’t know that before I was a visual artist, I was a rap artist – dissecting chumps on playgrounds, lunchrooms, hallways and ciphers in Hartsville, SC where I grew up. Yes friends, “ALL FALLS DOWN” was not my first time with a mic in my hand.

However, my first fascination with hip hop was not graffiti, or rap, or breakdancing even… but BEATBOXIN’. Cats like The Human Beat Box of The Fat Boys, Biz Markie and Doug E. Fresh are well known for their beatbox skills. But for me, the dopest was a (now) little known cat known as Ready Rock C. Ready Rock is an original member of the crew known as Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Though he played the background for the most part, Ready Rock was an integral part of the success of JJ & TFP co-writing “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand”.

Back in the day (damn I sound old), beatboxing was as much a part of the hip hop sound as the DJ. Before everyone had laptops and Protools, 808’s and MPC’s the easiest way to get a dope beat was to make one, with your mouth. These days beatboxing is a rare art form, but still very much a part of the hip hop story. So today, in honor of HIP HOP APPRECIATION week, I present something old… here is the joint that launched my personal rap revolution!

For more information on Hip Hop Apreciation Week events in your area go to: http://hhaw.org/events/


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