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Anyone who knows anything about me knows that my favorite film of all times is an independent film by the name of Sankofa, written and directed by famed filmmaker Haile Gerima in 1993. The story, symbolism and message in my opinion is a must see for EVERY AMERICAN. It is one of the the most unabashed tellings of the complexities of slavery but even more so. of our collective forgetting of the impact of slavery and black opression and its significance in the history of human-kind.

“While visiting an old fortress from the slave-trade era in Ghana, Mona (Oyafunmike Ogunlano) encounters a colorful local character, an elderly mystic going by the name of Sankofa. Mona is a black American model visiting the country for a photo-session. The old man claims to be in contact with spirits, and she is intrigued by this. When she goes to visit him, she suddenly finds herself back in the old slavery days, a slave herself who is captured and shipped to a sugar planation in the American south. There, she has various relationships and adventures in the build-up to participating in a slave revolt. Just as that is getting fully underway, she finds herself back in the present, deeply affected by what has gone before. The old mystic’s name is a word in the Akan language which has the complex meaning of “going to the past, remembering it, and with it, turning to the future.” ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

Despite being an award winning film, and receiving top reviews and praise from critics everywhere, the film exists almost in obscurity. It lacks the Hollywood gloss we are accustomed to.

This weekend, take some time to watch it if you haven’t seen it. There are some very hard parts to watch, but the story is beautifully told.

You can watch it in parts on YouTube or  order it from Amazon (my suggestion).

Here is a snippet:


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