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Free Wesley Snipes!

Let’s face it, we need a hero. The airline industry is getting completely out of hand at the absence of our beloved “Passenger 57“! We need to rally together and petition for the early parole and release of Wesley Snipes aka John Cutter, so he can judo chop all these knuckleheads that are acting the damn fool on airplanes across the country.

In the last week alone, there have been 3 near tragic incidents involving unruly passengers on passenger flights:

On May 10, on a flight from Orlando to Boston, a clearly inebriated man attempted to open the door on a plane mid-flight. His actions set off the plane’s alarm. The man, in a drunken stupor was immediately restrained by flight attendants and an off-duty cop who happened to be on board. The man was moved to the back of the plane and watched over by the cop until the plane landed safely in Boston where he was promptly arrested.

On May 8 Continental Flight 546 from Houston to Chicago was forced to land in St. Louis when a rather burly passenger attempted to (again) open the door on the plane. A flight attendant was tossed to the floor by the man as he continued to work the door open. Two other passengers were also thwarted by the man as they attempted to restrain him. Finally, Vietnam vet and martial artist Tony Harris pounced on the man and put his marital arts training to work. After a struggle, he two-pieced the guy bringing him to the floor where he was placed in cuffs and the plane made an emergency landing in St. Louis’s Lambert International Airport. Harris, who stayed guard over the man asked him “why?” The man simply responded,  “It’s Mother’s day”.

On May 9, on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco, a man with a California id and Yemeni passport was reported as rushing the cockpit yelling “Allah hu Akbar”. The man reportedly stormed past flight attendants and tried to force his way into the cockpit. After being tackled by a male flight attendant and stomped out by an assortment of crew and passengers including a retired Secret Service agent and a retired San Mateo police officer, the man was placed in cuffs and restrained until the flight landed in San Francisco.

Now, if Wesley Snipes was out on the streets, I am sure these idiots and others would think twice before wilding out on planes. Sure, the odds of Snipes being on your plane can be argued. But if you’ve never played roulette… “let me give you a word of advice… always bet on black!”


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  1. FREE WESLEY!!!!

    May 11, 2011 at 3:40 pm

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