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Back on my Regimen…

Hip hop duo, Dead Prez, has always been about the revolution through music. Their first release came during a time when rappers were more concerned about how shiny their suits were and how much Cristal sipping one was required to do. “Let’s Get Free” featured conscious lyrics and channeled Black freedom fighters like Fred Hampton & Marcus Garvey proving their RBG movement was bigger than hip-hop.

And the movement continues…

Dead Prez’s STIC.MAN recently released his latest project. The album,  “The Workout” is sure to be another type of revolution. According to STIC, he was inspired to create the album after embarking on his own personal physical fitness journey. The Workout is hardcore and passionate while connecting to Stic.Man’s spiritual side.  “One day it just hit me,” explains Stic. “I began to grow outside of the limited box of what people feel dead prez represents.  There’s so much more than the political rhetoric that I need to express. I have found a new voice that is refreshing to me and has reinvigorated my passion for Hip Hop. I began to put this evolving inner voice to lyrics and beats and The Workout became a reality.”

The Workout features 14 motivational tracks and serves as a soundtrack to Stic’s RBG FIT CLUB campaign. RBG Fit Club uses hip-hop to promote healthy lifestyles. Recognizing a need to remedy countless health and obesity issues within the hip hop community, The RGB Fit Club has become another part of the RGB movement and puts action to the talk… movements to the music, by spreading awareness and information on eating habits, training techniques, physical fitness and active living.

“I wanted to make a record that has the power to motive me. Something authentic enough so that when I don’t feel like running, if I put it on, I will feel like running. Music has that power. My goal is to share my motivation with the most widespread audience; all ages, all different types of people, as many as possible.”

I can’t front I’ve been inspired as well. Besides, as much as my shirt comes off, it’s probably best that I look like something under there. The Workout is available to order now!

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