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During basketball season, Philips Arena, home to the Atlanta Hawks NBA team is known as “The Highlight Factory”. Well after last nights rumble in the jungle, I’m sure they have some new highlights to add to their reel.

After Wednesday’s win over the Orlando Magic, Hawks VP and legendary alum, Dominique Wilkins, mingled with fans when he was suddenly attacked by 36 year-old Rashan Michel. The NBA retiree quickly put the smack down and Michel, who claims Wilkins owed him money, was promptly arrested and charged with simple battery. This video from TMZ shows Wilkins delivering a good ole two-piece (or was that 3) to Michel’s defenseless left-eye before being pulled away by police.

I’m sure Michel is rethinking his plan while nursing his shiner. I mean after all there are systems in place to help one retrieve debts owed. But you know, some cats just don’t stop until keep it real gets real!


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