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Lessons in Parenting 2… (Someone please call 911)

The producers at The 15 Project caught wind of the following video clip and at my behest, are currently researching the video’s source so that the proper authorities can be notified. Family and Children’s Services have already been notified and a copy of the video has been submitted to support our claims of neglect.

Click here to view clip.

In fact, this should be considered down right abuse. Po’baby! We found at least 3 clear and downright blatant child welfare offenses as we watched the clip:

1. While you’re video taping this debacle mom… who’s watching the road? Am I the only to notice that this entire clip was filmed in what appears to be a moving vehicle? And unless this was recorded in a mail truck or in some crazy European country where they drive on the wrong side of the road, the vantage of the camera is from the driver’s seat. This clip would not be so cute had it culminated in the potential fiery crash that was sure to happen while moms was getting her “Francis Ford Coppola” on and ignoring the rules of the road. There’s no such thing as a hands-free cell phone camera so I’m going to have to assume this as Violation 1!

2.Little man’s mannerisms and body language suggests his subjection to countless hours of inappropriate television programming. You should try Sprout or Nick Jr. mom.  MTv is not age-appropriate for a 3-year-old. Sorry, but your toddler should NOT be moving like Ginuwine. His facial expressions and choreography exhibits a too- -close-for-comfort innuendo. Shit, this tot had expressions that woud shame R Kelly. Damn! Whatever happened to The Wiggles?!

3. This last charge will be against multiple parties, including radio stations, record labels and the parents of this child. People, Justin Bieber is not children’s music! Sure he’s a teenager, but have you listened to the music they promote to teenagers these days. These “heart throbs” are a far cry from The Itsy Bitsy Spider. And plus their dancin! It’s a wonder kids grow up so fast these days. I mean between the pop music, reality tv, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon soap opera-esque programming, video games and Victoria Secret catalogues, our children are facing an uphill battle to be, well… kids.  So yeah mom… I find your child’s performance inappropriate and deem your behavior as negligent and guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a toddler.

Plus I’m mad that I didn’t post that video of my 2-year-old rapping 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop”.


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