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I’m not buying it

After much prodding, I finally sat down and watched the highly touted “documentary” Exit Through the Gift Shop, recently. I have to say, nice try, but you can’t out-slick a can of oil. That is to say, many people I know were amazed by the film and its documentation and presentation of the power and popularity of the street art movement. And more by the rise of the film’s (supposed) creator. Now, I’ve not tapped into street art’s magic like say, Shepard Fairey or BANKSY for that matter, but I do know a thing or two about it and about the power of branding. I also know a hustle when I smell one.

I must admit however, Exit… is a clever trick. I won’t go too deep into my personal philosophy about the film and its true intentions, but i’ll just say this. It was smart. Clever even. Clever like… damn, I wish I had thought of that.

But in the end my powers of reasoning have proved too much to fall victim to “Mr. Brainwash”, Banksy and the machine behind the film. I can see through it and if nothing at all, it was an amusing experience watching it.

One thing I did like about the film was that it did do a great job in profiling some of the unsung visionaries of street art culture. It was a pleasure seeing artists like: SWOON, Borf and others. Whether you fall for the ruse of this ‘prankumentary” or not… one thing’s for sure… street art is real in a major way.


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