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SNL's newest (black) funny man Jay Pharoah

To say you know Fahamu Pecou is to know of my (no-s0-secret) fantasy of hosting Saturday Night Live. Yes, I’ve religiously watched SNL since I was a child, daydreaming about the announcer calling out the cast until finally he announces  “…. Musical guest CLOUDEATER and your host Faaaahamuuuuuu Peeeeecouuuuuuuu”.  As a fan of the show, I am well-versed in the various actors and actresses who have called SNL home and I’ve always taken particular interest in the African American cast members because (and less be frank) a LOT of them SUCKED!

Yes, Eddie Murphy did his thing no doubt. Tracy  Morgan was a beast! Chris Rock wouldn’t take no for an answer. I’m too young to really remember Garrett Morrison on the show. Tim Meadows had his moments. Keenan… ummm. Anyhow, SNL’s newest black castmate, Jay Pharoah has caught my attention in a couple of ways. He really kind of appeared out of no where and in a very short amount of time, has already shown his chops. And they’re FUNNY. Known mostly for his impeccable impressions, his voice is a welcomed respite on the show allowing for some hilarious and classic SNL moments that are as funny as they are smart. Some speculate SNL’s head honcho, Lorne Michael’s was initially drawn to Pharoah for his “Obama impression, however Fred Armisen continues to play the “chief” in political skits. But we’ll see. I’ve seen Pharaoh’s Obama and its the truth, well as true as it can get with out it actually being Obama himself. But Pharaoh has made a name for himself on the show with hilarious impressions of Denzel, Jay-Z, Little Wayne and most unpredictable (but on point) Will Smith!

I’m looking forward to more for Pharaoh and hoping he holds it down on SNL for a while. In the meantime click on the links below to check him out here.

Jay Pharoah does Jay-Z, Drake and more.

Denzel Washington in “Point of  No Returns”

Lost “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Bloopers


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