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Kill yo radio

Not all of the rap music coming out of ATL requires you to snap, pop, Dougie, Spongebob, strip, flood, tip, drop or stunt. Some of it just simply makes you appreciate good music. You know the kind… well constructed beats, clever lyrics, dope concepts- you know… HIP HOP! There is a wealth of true-school rap artists in ATL who are not caught up in the nostalgia of the golden era of hip hop or overcome by the flashiness and excesses of contemporary rap. These artists are ARTISTS who remain true to the essence of a culture of music that pushes the envelope, challenges minds and creates a sound that’s next level. Some you may have heard of, many you may not have. But you should really do yourself a favor and check for local artists like; StarChile, EkundayoStaHHr, Mike Flo, Sa-Roc Themc, Melaphyre, Senor Kaos, Sean Falyon and many many others. These artists remain virtually underground despite their undeniable skills as lyricists and producers. You won’t hear them on V103 of Hot 97 but that’s never stopped them and doesn’t appear to have any effect on their craft or creativity.

About a year ago, Atlanta’s Creative Loafing did a cover story on the ATL hip hop underground which featured several of the artists I’ve already mentioned.  Venues around town frequently feature them in shows and showcases and the recently formed RED CLAY MUSIC group is poised to put many of them on the map in a global kind of way. In fact, the buzz is so infectious that even Pudd’n Brathwaite somehow got ahold of an underground StarChile video which he recently leaked online.

StarChile and many others ensure that the heart, soul and sound of Atlanta stays FRESH as they continue to regularly put out dope music. Check for them. In the meantime, here’s some other dope bangers from the ATL hip hop fam you might enjoy… BUT you don’t have to take my word for it.


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  2. official bizness mi don! Salute!!!

    February 22, 2011 at 8:12 pm

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