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It’s going to be a GOOD DAY!

Radiohead’s new album, King of Limbs, is NOW AVAILABLE to buy, one day earlier than scheduled. In true Radiohead form, their newest project was complete and ready and the group decided, ‘What are we waiting for?’

I’m completely stoked. Radiohead is one of my favorite all time music groups. To truly appreciate their sounds, put away the earbuds and invest is some dope headphones, or be sure to play it loudly on some good speakers. They really have mastered the art of mixing and arranging sounds, plus Thom Yorke’s voice is pretty frickin’ amazing. Radiohead has labeled this release “the world’s first newspaper album. King of Limbs is available for purchase NOW on Radiohead’s website. You can have it immediately via download, or pre-order the two-vinyl set or cd. Don’t let the $48 price scare you. I assure you it will be more than worth your investment. Plus the physical album comes with over 625 small pieces of artwork inspired by the music!

This leaves me with a bit of a conundrum; pay my GAS BILL or buy the new RADIOHEAD? Hmmmm… glad its been warming up lately!

Check out the video for the album’s first single.

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