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Claire's pre-Huxtable swag...

Seems these days we are either surprised or cynical when our favorite actors/actresses cross genres and record an album, or vice versa when our favorite singers/rappers (etc), put down their mics and jump in front of the camera. Often, we cite their celebrity as the catalyst for their ability to transition from one medium to the next with what looks like little effort. Though the transition isn’t always successful, it isn’t uncommon. In fact seems back in the day it was almost a requirement that entertainers, be  (get this) entertaining.

Many times, actors for film and television got their start on stage, performing in a variety of dramatic productions, musicals and even opera. Some were discovered at their ability to be a “one-man show” and had sit-coms and movies designed around them. It still happens today, but to a far lesser degree. My research team here at The 15 Project did a little crate digging and discovered some classic tv personalities’ lives before “prime time”. I was surprised to discover the breadth of work by many of the entertainers we came across. And I could see that even then, the transitions weren’t a guarantee of success, but it makes for good mementos to hock on EBAY.

Here are a few that caught my attention.

Of all the treasures we uncovered, the one that most intrigued me is this performance from 1978 by Phylicia Rashad (aka Phylicia Ayers-Allen) or more commonly known, Claire Huxtable (from the Cosby Show). Apparently Phylicia was once married to the Cop from the Village People (True Story) and he produced her disco album, a tribute to Josephine Baker. Musically, it was outstanding and Phylicia (as she’s always been) is quite a delight to look at. Here’s a YouTube video of a live performance of her disco “hits”  J’ai deux amor (Two Loves Have I) and Superstar.


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