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Usually, me and the homie Ed Garnes Jr of From Afros to Shelltoes, get the prize for setting it off at parties around the “A”. With a mix of golden-era-Scoob & Scrap-MC Hammer inspired dancer moves, we leave crowds at parties cheering and later, the two of us hurting and winded, feeling the weight of our 30-something-year old bodies. But that’s never stopped us. Until now.

Recently I came across a Japanese dance crew known as U-Min. 30 seconds into their routine, performed for advertisements for the Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO, I was ready to hang up my dancing shoes.

I’m no hater, I give credit where its due, and these dudes deserve “American Express Black card” credit. Their style, known as “animation” uses choreography that attempts to make the dancer look as thought they are moving in stop-motion. U-Min excels in this style of dance and enhances it with their own unique blend of pop-locking and strobing. Animation takes great control and strength as often dancers will freeze for lengthy time periods as well as being able to control and sync movements. I’m not going to get all scientific about it, because truly  beyond anything else, its just really beautiful to watch.

I won’t give up on my dance career just yet though. Animating does have its practical party limits. I mean, you won’t see cats animating with a girl to a slow jam… or then again… that might be kinda nasty (meaning dope)!


One response

  1. ummmm…WOW! i can do that…

    February 6, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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