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Jung Hearts…

A little less than a year ago, I was introduced to painter, Bethany Marchman by our mutual friend, Neda Abghari in the hopes that through our meeting something artistically fly would happen. Well guess what. IT DID!

Our meeting turned out to be a great bonding/brainstorming session where Bethany and I discovered, amongst many other things, that we are a lot more a like than our physical appearance might suggest. But it wasn’t about what was outside, as much as it was, what was inside (our heads) that really linked us together. At the time, Bethany was beginning a series of portraits of children enacting the various male and female Jungian archetypes in her trademark hyperrealistic, surrealist paintings. While I was developing ideas around adult males acting out in childish ways- a psychosis known in Jungian theory as “second childhood syndrome”. Using Neda’s photography as a bridge between us we embarked on creating work for a group show that not only addressed the aformentioned issues, but that would similarly link together disparate communities within the local Atlanta art scene.

The result is an exhibition we call “Jung at heART”. It features photography by Neda Abghari and paintings by Bethany Marchman and yours truly. But it doesn’t  end there… The even is also the debut  party for Abghari’s 501c3, The Creative Community Housing Project (CCHP). CCHP as you’ll come to know, seeks to provide housing and or studio space for working artists, who in turn create work and work with the communities they live in. Its a win-win and a visionary model for how artists and communities can work together to the enhancement of everyone’s livelihood.

After a bit of arm-twisting and a few promises made, I was able to pin Neda and Bethany down for a quick chat about the event which opens tonight, February 4 in Atlanta.

Join us tonight for the opening of Jung at heART and the launch party for CCHP. Click here for more details.

If you’re not in Atlanta and want to contribute to the CCHP click here to make a tax deductible donation and help support the arts, artists and the communities we all share!


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