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Something from Nuttin'

I’m a music connossieur. A fan of what’s sonically fresh and new, so normally I don’t get down with a lot of what’s poppin on the radio. But the other day I was driving and I heard this joint, which prompted me to do some research. I hadn’t heard of this rapper, LIL TRAVESTY before, but I was instantly hooked on his infections beats, catchy chants and elementary flow. I gotta tell you, with the way things are going, LIL TRAVESTY is the future of hip-hop. His crew, The Soggy Bottom Boys, which include former child-actor and rapper HOPELESS and the self-proclaimed “ThugLord Kingpin” YUNG DOWNFALL, are slated to release their first studio album sometime later this year. The word Grammy is often thrown around when their names come up and after hearing their first single “Nuttin Money” I’m not surprised. This is the quintessential sound of contemporary rap.It was tough trying to get hold of them, I  had to have my people make some calls to try to get me in touch with this crew. Apparently they are on some “Enter the Wu-Tang” Ghostface Killah-type anonymity, so I couldn’t get photos, but they did send me some of the promo materials for the first single.

Their label, Self D’STRUK is not new to the game. It’s been the driving force behind a lot of the stuff we hear coming out of the rap world and is now positioned to dominate the rap universe! I’m no hater, so far be it from me to challenge the industry that makes soooo much money for a some people at the expense of many,many others. I’ma just keep bouncin’ and supersoakin’ to this track cuz its BANGIN! I can’t even say nothing else about it… you’ll just have to experience it for yourself… Enjoy!

(PS… I got the scoop on the video being shot for this joint next week, so I’m going to crash the set and get an interview for T15P. Stay Tuned!)


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  1. He need to do something with Dane Dawg. You better ask somebody. But I ain’t said sh**!

    January 21, 2011 at 8:19 pm

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