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Wood Grain Couture

BowensBergeron "The Aficionada"

Let’s be real, I don’t know a damn thing about purses. But I’d like to think I do know a thing or two about style and art. That’s exactly where Tamara Bowens and Ray Bergeron meet- at the nexus of style and art.

Tamara Bowens works the city of Atlanta like her own personal runway. Arriving fashionably fly to everything chic, from celebrity philanthropic events to the coolest art exhibits. Her closet, I imagine, is a girl’s dream. From handmade Italian shoes and boots to the latest couture dresses. Stylists and fashionistas take note as she moves, knowing that wherever Tamara is next, they need to be. So it was no surprise that this Harvard MBA-holding, marketing exec recently walked away from corporate America to launch her own brand of next level couture.

Bowens teamed up with Ray Bergeron, a custom furniture designer with over 20 years experience. In the beginning they explored custom jewelery pieces but soon after began creating custom handbags using rare woods and veneers. The result, some of the hottest purses & clutches I’ve ever seen! Understand, these are not typical pieces you’d see everyday. Bergeron is an expert in crafting fine furniture pieces using exotic and rare woods. His sensibility to design and function make these pieces not only stimulating to look at but as limited editioned, hand-crafted pieces they exist truly as works of art.

You won’t find these bags in Marshall’s or TJ Maxx… BowensBergeron have set a new standard that will surely create a revolution in the fashion industry. At the core of their company’s mission is preservation and sustainability. Each design is produced in editions of 25 as a means of maintaining a healthy balance between the natural resources they use as well as maintaining a degree of exclusivity and individuality. I’m a fan, though I’ll have to wait on the wallet versions to come out. Ladies, indulge.

Visit their site for more info or to get your own: BowensBergeron.com


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