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Fahamu Pecou & The Portrait: A Q&A with Sam McKinniss (from New American Paintings Blog)

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Recently I “sat down” with Sam McKinniss, contributing writer to New American Paintings to talk about my latest work, recent residency with the Harvey B Gantt Center and McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, as well as what happens in my studio on the daily. Sam recounts our first meeting a few years back:

In 2008, I met Fahamu Pecou at an opening party for a group show at the Amistad Center in Hartford, CT. After viewing his hilarious video,  Instant Celebrity: The Rise of an Urban Legend, I approached the artist to tell him how much I enjoyed it. After introducing myself, Mr. Pecou handed me his business card which read, rather matter-of-factly, “Fahamu Pecou is the Shit.” No phone number, no email, nothing (with the exception of an unforgettable moment).”

Big ups to Sam for the love! You can read the full piece here:
Fahamu Pecou & The Portrait: A Q&A with Sam McKinniss.


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