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Movin’ & Shakin’

Every 2 years, Atlanta’s Museum of Contemporary Arts of Georgia (MOCA GA) presents it’s Movers & Shakers of the Georgia Art Scene exhibit. This exhibition is a survey of emerging talent from around the state and has come to be popular and successful part of MOCA GA’s programming.

2011’s MOVERS & SHAKERS exhibit opens This Friday, January 21, 6:30-8:30 pm at MOCA GA 75 Bennett St., Suit A2 , Atlanta, GA 30309 www.mocaga.org

In a welcomed twist, this year MOCA GA’s founder and Director, Annette Cone-Skelton, asked 11 past Movers & Shakers alum to co-curate the exhibition by selecting artists whom they felt were the next GA artists-to-know and watch. As a member of the Class of 2007, I was asked to choose 3 artist whom I felt were poised to make things happen in the art world. Here are my nominations:

Terra "TT" Coles

Terra “TT” Coles
Hard to believe that just a few years ago, TT “picked up a camera” and just started shooting. Well these days she’s like an expert marksman capturing images with a style and flare all her own. Though she is quite adept at shooting most anything, her knack for creating compelling portraits is uncanny. She regularly updates her blog with the projects she’s working on and is currently experimenting with translating her eye for still photography into the world of moving pictures.

Corrinne Francilus

Corinne Stevie Francilus
The first sentence of her bio reads, “Corinne Stevie is a lover, a cynic, an intellectual, a fighter, an extremist and an optimist. But above all, she is the epitome of the word ‘artist’.” I don’t know that any other statement could be more accurate. Her pop-surrealist paintings are fascinating and complex. Colorful, whimsical and soulful. Which also describes her performance style as well. Oh, did I not mention she is at the forefront of Atlanta’s underground neo-hip hop-experimental-electronic-soul-funk movement. Yes, it exists and it is AWESOME! Check out Corinne’s art and music on her website.

Clarrissa Horton

Clarissa Horton
This GA Peach recently graduated  with honors from Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY. As a student, Miss Horton was instrumental in creating a student led organization that rallied to bring in working artists-of-color to interact with the student body. These days “Da_Colorist” as she is commonly know on Twitter won’t stop until the art world knows her name. Her large, beautiful canvases tell stories of love and enchantment and of the complex and often tricky  inner workings of human emotions. Check out her site to learn more about Clarissa and her work.

Please be sure to join me on Friday for the Mover’s Shakers exhibit! Afterwards we’ll be partying at YO! Karaoke, now in it’s new Friday night slot!  Click here for details: http://vimeo.com/18878777


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